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Superhit Old Classic Hindi Movie Main Bhi Ladki Hun (1964)
Starring: Dharmendra, Meena Kumari, Balraj Sahani, Bhagwan, Om Prakash.
Producer : M. Murugan, M.Kumaran, M.Saravanan.

Synopsis: The movie highlights the battle of a dusky girl. Rajaji, the owner of Parvati Nivas has 2 sons, Ram(Dharmendra) who’s a painter by profession and Balli (S.V.Ranga Rao), a college going boy. Rajaji’s still keeps feeling the presence of his wife Parvati, who had died a few years ago. He is in constant search for a bahu who can be just like Parvati. In the haveli there’s also Dindayal, (Om Prakash)Parvati’s brother and his wife (Manorama) who just eyes on Rajaji’s property and also a servant named Ganga. Dindayal shows Ram a beautiful and well educated girl called Chanda (Pushpalata). But during the wedding he changes Chanda with Rajani (Meena Kumari), a dusky uneducated girl. When Ram comes to know about this offer, he is shocked initially but later on accepts her as his wife. But Ram’s father Rajaji isn’t ready to compromise the rules for her. But as time passes Rajani makes a mark on Rajaji’s heart, by her qualities which resemble that of Parvati’s. Rajani also develops good bond with her brother in law Balli. All things were going smoothly, when one day Ram gives her a letter, which was a party invitation. She however messes it up as she is uneducated and Ram feels insulted. So he leaves home and goes to Delhi for an exhibition. Meanwhile Rajani loses her child due to miscarriage. But in Delhi Ram realises his mistake in not understanding that Rajani’s true beauty, was in her heart. During his absence Rajani tries to educate herself with the help of Balli. The teaching sessions happen at night. At this point Dindayal conspires to Rajaji that Rajani and Balli are having a sexual relationship in Ram’s absence. Seeing this, Rajaji gets furious and asks Rajani to leave the house. When Ram comes to know about this he doesn’t believe his dad and Dindayal, instead he supports his wife. Later Rajaji also comes to know that it was all planned by Dindayal, who also finally accepts his mistake.

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