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War and Love is a Malayalam language film. It was released in 2003

The filim begins with Major Rajendran (Suresh Krishna) being killed by the Pakistani terrorists in the Indo-Pak border and the war between India and Pakistan begins. Pakistani Army led by General Jaffer Khan (Mukesh Rishi) sends a battalion to capture a village on the Indian side of the Line of Control. Indian Army Brigadier Nayar (Captain Raju) sends the Madras Regiment to recapture the village. Madras Regiment contains Lt.Col Sharath Chandran (Prabhu), Captain Gopinath (Dileep), Major Prabhakar (Saikumar), Captain Kabir (Siddique), Captain Vijayan (Vijayaraghavan), Havildar Kurian (Jagadish), Private Basheer (Kalabhavan Mani), Naik Haneefa, Havildar Prashanthan, Naik Kunjunni (Machan Varghese), Captain Hema (Indraja) and Private Shankar. They recaptured the village after a fierce gun battle that killed all the Pakistani soldiers. Prabhakar and Kunjunni died during this battle. Jaffer Khan was angered by this defeat and hatched a plan to capture the entire Madrasi Regiment alive. He calls Colonel Mushtaq Muhammad, an ISI agent in the Indian Army and pays him 5 crores rupees for capturing the Madras Regiment.

Mushtaq Muhammad hatched a plan in which all of the Madras Regiment except, Gopinath and Vijayan were captured. Gopi kills Mustaq, but was captured by the Pakistanis. All the Prisoners of War were sent to a Pakistani camp, where they were tourtured. They were forced to work like slaves. Kabir, Haneefa, Kurian and Hema (Sharath’s love interest) were killed by the Pakis. Meanwhile notorious Pakistani terrorist leader Mansoor Akthar arrived in the camp. Jaffer Khan’s daughter beautiful Serina (Laila) also arrived there. She was about to be raped by Mansoor, but Gopi killed him by dropping a big rock on the terrorist’s head. Serina fell in love with Gopi while he decided to use it to save his country. Serina knows Malayalam since Jaffer Khan’s father migrated from Mallappuram to Pakistan during the Partition. Meanwhile, Captain Vijayan has infiltrated the Pak military and got information that Pakistan is going to use nuclear weapons in the wake of a lost war with India. Gopi with the help of Serina gets access to the defusing codes of the missile. The climax is fully war between Indian POWs freed by Vijayan and Pak army-terrorists. Finally the nuclear bomb is defused by Gopi and entire Pak army is killed. Jaffer Khan is killed by Sharath, who also dies due to injuries. Entire Pak camp is blown up and only Gopi, Serina and Vijayan survives the holocaust. India wins the war and Gopi is given Param Vir Chakra on his return to India. Gopi marries Serina. Movie ends with Serina chanting ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’.

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